About Us
We are Insurance Advisors and Service providers with expertise in tailor-made designer solutions for Individuals, Professionals, Industrialists and Business owners.

Formerly known as ICARECONSULTANT, we have been working in the Insurance business since 2001.
Though Health Insurance has been offered in India since the last 15 years it was not as popular as it is now. Everyone now recognizes HEALTH Insurance as a necessity.
Privatization opened up the Indian Insurance market for private firms and this has resulted in the availability of a wide range of insurance products in the market.
Before selecting an Insurance product it is important to read and understand the policy guidelines. Failure in following the correct procedure may result in problems while making insurance claims.
We at ICARE can help you to select the right product for your Family/ Business. Furthermore we can also assist you in case you need to make a claim
This website will help you to understand the policies and will also assist you in claims.
On this website you can register your insurance claims with the insurance company and also get more information on the Reimbursement procedures.
This is our effort to provide e-help to our policy holders and to provide guidance through each step in the reimbursement procedure till the claim cheque is released.

We have a panel of Experts, which includes Doctors and Lawyers, this panel of professionals can provide assistance in any kind of claims.
The ICARE website provides support for claim assistance.
We have a team of dedicated staff for various activities starting from buying new products to servicing the existing policies and most importantly assistance with claims. We provide a Time Bound procedure for resolving of claims.
Our clients include Individuals, Industrialists and professionals like Doctors, IT professionals, etc ….
We Register & Process more than 100 Health claims in a year.